How to store your sealant

    Silicone sealant is a silicone polymer materials, excellent weathering resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone and high and low temperature resistance, is building curtain wall, doors and Windows and insulating glass sealant of choice.

    Silicone sealant on market according to the group scores are divided into one component and two components. One-component silicone sealant is gradually occur in contact with the water molecules in the air were situated in a condensation reaction, causing crosslinking curing forming rubber elastomer, usually in hard plastic tube packing or soft membrane; Two-component silicone sealant is part A and part B mixed uniform surface and internal after simultaneous crosslinking curing and form rubber elastomer, usually A component using large iron packaging, part B USES the small iron drum or plastic drum.

     To make the silicone sealant can play the best performance in application, need storage properly, in the warranty period in accordance with the provisions of the construction process requirement for use. About silicone sealant construction guidelines and common problems, can search on the Internet “Siway sealant” to gain. Before “Siway sealant” has introduced a lot about the use of the sealant method and skill, go here! “Siway sealant” to share with you this time is the storage method of silicone sealant. 

    Silicone sealant products by nominal storage period, is based on sealant the provisions of the relevant national standards or industry standards in 27 ℃ a cool, ventilated storage conditions to achieve a product of the nominal storage period. Silicone sealant is a chemical synthetic materials, storage period by the storage conditions (mainly is the effect of temperature and humidity). Such as temperature or humidity is too high, can lead to the development of silicone sealant storage period shorten, affect the curing speed, even failure in advance. If the actual storage conditions of the user to be able to achieve the requirement of the product, the product of the nominal storage period can be normal use; If the user’s storage conditions cannot achieve the requirements of the product, recommend that users use as soon as possible, don’t use when nearing storage period expired. Especially need to pay attention to in the summer of silicone sealant storage environment, can meet the conditions, whether to manage inventory, especially in high temperature and high humidity areas.

Silicone sealant

Now into the winter, coupled with the Spring Festival approaching, many construction units of factory and the site of the project have already shut down, have a holiday! So this time how do silicone sealant storage?

Silicone sealant for unused storage, we recommend the following:

1. The silicone sealant should be stored under light in a cool, dry place. So as far as possible on the indoor storage, such as the site of the project does not have conditions, should be fully ready to block rain, sun protection measures, etc.

2. The silicone sealant should avoid contact with other chemicals.

3. Do a good job in inventory management, to ensure the sealant used within the shelf life, arrange production date earlier sealant with out first.

In kaifeng, which have not been finished with silicone sealant storage: we recommend the following:

A. for two-component glue machine has not used up the two-component silicone sealant. Part A and part B can maintain on the glue machine barrel directly, through effective sealing glue machine pressure plate, pressure plate need to press tight at this moment, exhaust valve closed. Before the glue machine downtime, should use A component by gun alone, confirm there is no black silk is rinsed clean, avoid the residual part B may cause blockage, curing thickening in the pipe and kumite glue machine is necessary to check and confirm. Stay after the end of the Spring Festival starts, according to the quality control process make full confirmation, can normal use.

B. to kaifeng one-component silicone sealant, plastic rubber mouth sealed open positions are available, and fills up the rubber mouth extrusion part of sealant. After the end of the Spring Festival starts to replace plastic cement, generally can be normal use.

Post time: Feb-21-2017
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